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Article: Your guide to the ultimate new year’s rejuvenation

Your guide to the ultimate new year’s rejuvenation

At the start of a new year, it’s drilled into us to begin this new chapter with lists of resolutions, extreme fitness goals, prioritising self care all whilst embracing a shiny new vegan lifestyle. That’s a lot of pressure, right?

It’s true that the new year is a great opportunity to make small improvements to your life for the better. As a society, choosing to believe in a ‘fresh start’ is a beautiful reflection of the optimism of the human spirit. However, the phrase ‘small improvements’ is crucial. Trying to tackle every element of your self improvement journey at once will likely leave you overwhelmed, burnt out and creating a cycle of unrealistic expectations.

That is why this year, Lanuuk is putting rejuvenation first rather than resolutions. We want to replace the pressure of immediately knowing how you want your year to look with finding opportunities to truly figure that out and take care of your health and wellbeing.

Here’s our guide on how to prioritise rejuvenation in 2024, including the modest swimwear and modest activewear that can help you to look and feel confident.

Woman at a spa wearing a robe and sitting on a sofa drinking from a mug

Spa breaks aren’t just for special occasions

A recent survey has found that the most common New Year’s resolution in the UK for 2024 is centred around health, with over a third of people (35%) keen to improve their physical and mental well-being.

We emphasise that spa days and breaks should encourage women to intertwine both relaxation and gym sessions, adding to a ‘holistic’ way of wellness rather than seeing the two as separate.

The spa is a great place to unwind, treat yourself whilst also keeping active. It’s a relaxing, less intimidating space to try out the gym if that is something new to you. Many spas also have women’s only sections which ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible whether you’re dozing off in the jacuzzi or jogging on the treadmill. Plus, there’s plenty of modest swimwear on the market if you prefer to cover up whilst you relax or work out.

Looking good at a spa can boost your confidence, but it’s also important to feel comfortable. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your full coverage Lanuuk Swimwear alongside the new Athletic Collection. What better place to wear your favourite cute swimsuits and new modest gym clothes!

Woman wearing headphones and stretching outdoors

Lanuuk Athletic Collection Active Light Tunic in Black

OUTdoor workouts are IN

Taking up a sport or a group exercise can do wonders for self rejuvenation. For the Lanuuk founders Ayesha and Leya, using sport to let go of insecurities and inhibitions has been hugely rewarding for both mind and body. They have never described themselves as sporty or athletic, but both have embraced beginner Tennis lessons which challenge them to commit to something new.

Tennis is an amazing release and enables you to stay active whilst learning a new skill and having fun whilst doing it. Ayesha’s key tip would be to stay consistent, even through the colder months and don’t take yourself too seriously. Signing up and going to your first session is huge progress alone.

Here are some female focused clubs to get you started, as well as some resources to find the right sport for you around the UK:

These Girls Run - clubs all across the UK! Visit their website to find a city local to you.

Better Women’s only swimming clubs - across the UK.

This Girl Can - a hub of female focused classes across the UK, with the key aim of empowering women to try different sports.

It’s important to wear clothes that allow you to move with comfort whilst exercising. Our selection of Lanuuk modest activewear has features to make sure you get the most out of your workout. For example, the Active Hoodie has thumb holes, side pockets and a fitted ‘hijab’ hood and the Active Leggings also have a discreet pocket.

A woman stretching holding a racket in a court

Lanuuk Athletic Collection Active Hoodie in Navy

Ready to start off the new year feeling rejuvenated, looking good and feeling comfortable whilst doing it? Explore our modest Athletic and Swimwear Collections here for a step in the right direction.

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We know how those January Blues can creep up on you so check out our Instagram post with some personal recommendations on our favourite tips and products to keep you inspired and to kick start your 2024 with a mind and body refresh 💙

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