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Fit & Modesty Guide

Along with giving you more coverage options for swimwear, our mission is to design swimsuits that flatter diverse body types from the inside and out. Not only do we want to create a swimsuit that can make you LOOK good, but it is also equally important (if not more important) to us that we create one that’ll make you FEEL good too. Feeling good can come from that added confidence in every step you take knowing that the suit isn’t pinching or pulling where it shouldn’t, the peplum layers or the ruche detailing is taking focus away from your tummy, or that the silhouette of the suit is giving you an hour-glass figure (in a modest way!).

For us it’s all about fit – which is why we don’t simply rely on industry standards of sizing based on mannequins. Before going into production, our suits are tested on real women with real bodies of different sizes, and we listen to their feedback. Whilst we acknowledge that every body type is unique and it’s difficult to be everything to everyone, this doesn’t stop us from doing our best to try to help women feel flattered, modest, and their most confident out there - especially when wearing a swimsuit can oftentimes make you feel the most vulnerable. Lanuuk is all about celebrating our differences and giving you swimsuits with which we can all do so with ease.

All Lanuuk’s swimsuits are designed to slim and smooth your shape. We’ve also carefully considered how the fit of our suits impacts movement in the water, having been tried and tested in a range of water environments and used in water sports. Our fabric has just the right combination of comfort and compression against your body. The swim tops have been created with a more relaxed fit, whereas the swim bottoms are designed to comfortably ‘hold it all in’ and the band around the waist gives a level of tummy control for an added feeling of security and confidence.

Modesty Guide

You could be looking for modest swimwear for sun-safety, because of your religious or cultural beliefs, an innate personal preference towards modest fashion, a search for a security blanket to help you overcome body insecurities, or, hey, it could be all of the above!  All we can do is give guidance around the fit, length and features of our swimsuits that can guide you in your search for modest swimwear. Below you will find our main designs and we have summarised the most frequently requested information in terms of length, fit and suitability for pregnancy and beyond.

Measurements are given in inches for a size Medium. The variance in measurements between sizes is usually between 0.25-0.5 inches.

Bodysuit Swim Dresses

These Swim Dresses all include incorporated bodysuits, with removable padded cups.

Open Swim Dresses

These Swim Dresses are open and attach to the Swim Bottoms with a secure button tab.

Swim Bottoms

Fit of our Swim Dresses


This Swim Dress is mid-thigh long and designed as a relaxed-fit for your size. The diagonal cut between fabric colours creates a flattering break across your body. The longer length on this design fully covers your bottom and thighs and sits mid-thigh of an average 5’5” woman. It includes slits on either side of the thighs to allow for comfortable movement despite its longer length. Additionally, the asymmetric cape grazes your torso and drapes accross the back to create a smooth silhoette with a dramatic appeal.


The top is designed as a relaxed-fit for your size. In other words, it’s not skin tight and should just graze over your body. There is a separate ruche panel that cascades from your right shoulder and arm to your left underarm and all the way to a few inches beneath your pelvic hip bone where your leg bends. This gives an extra layer of security, smoothing out your curves and allowing you not to worry about every lump and bump around your chest and tummy. For an average 5’5” woman, the length sits in line with the end of her extended fingers when placed to the side of her body.


Our most versatile Swim Dress yet, Isla is adjustable and designed to cater to your length preferences. By adjusting any or all of the three drawstrings, the dress can be fixed to sit at anywhere thigh length or extended all the way to just below your knees. Whilst the fit of the dress sits close to your body and accentuates your figure, the ruche detailing adds dimension in order to complement any body type.


The swim dress is a composition of multiple layers that skim its inner bodysuit to create the illusion of a relaxed fit, whilst maintaining the practicality required of a garment designed for swimming. The first layer of fabric skims the chest and falls loose right around your belly button. Underneath this, the suit cinches at the waist and opens up into the petal layers that fall away from the body, creating a smooth silhouette all the way down to the tips of your fingers.


The top is also designed as a relaxed-fit for your size. The diagonal cut between fabric colours creates a flattering break across your body. The longer length on this design fully covers your bottom and thighs and sits just above the knees of an average 5’5” woman. It includes slits on either side of the thighs to allow for comfortable movement despite its longer length.


The triple layer frill layering start from the waist and stops at the hips creating a flirty and feminine upper silhouette. The swim dress provides the full support of a one-piece bodysuit swimsuit with its removable padded cups. The length on this style fully covers your bottom with the hem falling around mid-thigh.


The double peplum layer starts from the waist and cascades down to your thighs, creating the illusion of a looser fit, whilst actually giving you the full support of a one-piece swimsuit underneath. It instantaneously gives you an hour-glass figure and the capped sleeves frame your arms with another feminine touch. For an average 5’5” woman with her arms placed on her thighs to the side, the Serena’s final peplum falls to the end of her thumb at the front and cascades longer towards the rear and falls to the ends of her fingertips.


This swim dress is perfect for those looking for a more relaxed fit. Whilst the arms are our regular fit, the drawstring around the waist gives you full freedom to determine how close you want to bring it in around the waist. When the drawstring is not pulled, the suit is loose-fitting from the chest all the way down to the lower thigh. Regardless of how tight you tie the strings, the bodysuit underneath remains snug so it is still perfectly suited to moving through the water. The attached hood gives you the possibility to casually cover your hair for modesty, sun protection or style; with the option to pull the drawstring to secure it in place around your face. 

Our Fit Solutions

Tummy Control

Our swim bottoms all offer a level of shape control. For suits that will specifically minimize the appearance of the tummy area, we suggest the Serena, with its double peplum layers, and the Diana, with strategically placed ruching around the tummy that sits as a separate second layer away from your skin.

Hip Minimizing

Our Serena swim dress specifically draws attention away from both your tummy and hip area as the double peplum layers fall loosely over the inner one-piece bathing suit underneath. The layers flow away from your body ending below the crotch area at the front and scooping longer to below your bottom to the rear. There is no rigid construction that smooths these areas but the suit minimizes the appearance of the lower abdomen and thighs.

Long Torso

Whilst all of our swimsuits offer ample stretch and flexibility and our tall models or customers have been comfortable in all suits, if you have a particularly long torso, the Isla, Cape and Maya styles could give you more comfort because they do not have an inner one-piece swimsuit. Instead, they are essentially long length rash guards that attach to the swim bottoms by way of tabs within the inner side seam of the tops and buttons on each side of the leggings. These tabs have cut outs at three different lengths so they should be able to suit even those with long torsos.


Whilst we do not yet offer Maternity-specific swimsuits, we can recommend that for:

  • Pregnancy (1st& 2nd trimester): Any of our suits should fit due to the fabric’s ample stretch and won’t wear down the fabric’s ability to bounce back to its original size as long as you follow the care instructions.
  • Pregnancy (3rdtrimester): If you don’t mind the suit lifting at the front (depending on the size of your bump), then we’d recommend Diana or Cape in your size or even a size up to be sure. Isla or Maya should also fit and are longer in length. Serena, however, with its one-piece built-in swimsuit, might pull at the shoulders and crotch area if you’re stretching out the belly area with an 8 or 9-month baby bump.
  • Postnatal: We’d recommend the Serena with its ability to conceal the tummy area. The Mira and Taali both have front zips and are perfectly accessible for nursing. The Cape, Diana, Isla and Maya can all be lifted for easier accessibility for nursing.


We currently only offer one length of full length swim bottoms, so for those ladies that are 5’8”+ our tights might come up slightly short. Although if you don’t mind pulling the ankles down occasionally, our fabric offers a good amount of stretch.


We offer XXS in at least one colour across our range of swimsuits. However, we do not currently offer varied sizes for specifically shorter torsos or shoter length swim bottoms (other than our midi length Capri tights or Swim Shorts). We also offer kids sizes for young girls up to age 13, however if you have a taller young girl or one who is growing quickly, we would recommend going for the size XXS to ensure that it can be worn for a few years to come.