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About Lanuuk

About Us

London based brand, Lanuuk (pronounced la-nouk) was established in 2018 by two women from differing international backgrounds and experiences, with a shared passion to create full coverage swimwear that does not compromise on femininity, style, quality or comfort. 

Lanuuk's swimwear collection is designed by us, for us, considering every detail to create a look that balances style with quality, modesty and practicality, providing women with the comfort they require to live life to its fullest. With elegant cuts and classic colour combinations, Lanuuk’s versatile swimwear collection is designed to suit a range of body types and style preferences. 

Whether you are looking for full sun protection or a modest contemporary swimwear solution, the world is your oyster and we’ve got you covered! 

Our Mission

Our aim is to redefine the 'traditional' concept of swimwear. Beauty is diverse and ageless and we want to empower women to feel positive about themselves and confident about their bodies.

Until now, the most universally recognisable concept of a swimsuit would be either a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece bikini. In both cases this usually means baring a lot of skin, which can be somewhat restrictive; be it for cultural or religious reasons, medical reasons, being conscious of sun damage or being body conscious.

Whilst the concept of more covered swimwear (or the 'burkini') has been around for a few years, it is still evolving and the choices are limited. We want to play an integral part in expanding the choices for women looking for a swimsuit and for the term 'swimsuit' to be associated with more than just a one-piece or a bikini.

Our focus is on creating a luxury experience for women. We feel so strongly that one can still feel beautiful and sensual in a full coverage suit, regardless of your age or shape! We hope to be a part of the evolution in bringing more diversity to the fashion industry with the hope that more women wearing modest swimwear in its many styles, will make it more accepted and celebrated.

Our Swimwear

Lanuuk's swimwear is produced in the Philippines where one of our co-founders works closely with the small, family-run, manufacturing team that help bring Lanuuk's swimwear to life.

We are committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes, maintaining a close relationship between our design and manufacturing teams, allowing us control over every aspect of our supply chain and production.

Lanuuk uses lightweight, high quality swimwear fabrics, which boast a wide range of features such as UPF50+ sun protection, quick-dry, anti-chlorine and anti-crease. We continue to seek out the latest fabric technologies to further refine our designs and heighten the customer experience.