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Article: Introducing Lanuuk’s Athletic Collection - why wait to achieve your fitness goals?

Introducing Lanuuk’s Athletic Collection - why wait to achieve your fitness goals?


Four women wearing different activewear and posing in front of a white background

Lanuuk Athletic Collection

Here at Lanuuk, we’re thrilled that modest athletic wear has been taking the fashion world by storm as large brands known for gym clothes and sportswear, Nike and Gymshark have made progress in normalising modesty in fitness. The activewear market has boomed recently, with a value of 320 billion in 2022 and a forecast to grow to 450 billion in 2028, there is always room to make activewear more diverse and accessible.

At Lanuuk, we are truly inspired by our loyal customers who choose us year after year for our dedication to luxury modesty. We always look to provide modest coverage without compromising on fashion and functionality. As champions of modesty in fashion for the last few years with our passion for swimwear, there is no better time to introduce our very first Athletic Collection and encourage people to ‘just start now’ when it comes to their fitness goals.

With inspiration from our swimwear collections, our aim is to bring variety and versatility into the athleisure space. Not just for those motivated by religious reasons but also to bridge the gap and provide comfortable and stylish solutions to those looking for more coverage during their workouts.

A look into the collection

Lanuuk Athletic can be worn as sportswear or everyday wear, helping women across a range of sizes to keep their skin covered while they move with ease. Featuring five signature styles in size XS-3XL, the collection focuses on flattering silhouettes, embodying Lanuuk’s ambition to create a diverse selection of inclusive, premium products that are ethically made.

Crafted from functional four-way stretch material that moves with you, the fabric has been selected with a range of activities in mind and is breathable, sweat releasing, moisture absorbing and quick-drying - helping to empower your every move. Available in a range of classic colours, including black, shadow, dusk, navy and sage, Lanuuk Athletic allows you to cover your skin (for modesty or otherwise) while you work out without having to compromise on style, fit or quality.

A woman wearing black activewear and white headphones, holding a yoga mat and walking  Caption: Lanuuk Athletic Collection in Black

Lanuuk Active Light Tunic in Black

New Year resolutions rejections

Start now by rejecting those unrealistic goals

As we approach the end of the year, people begin to think about their ‘New Year resolutions’ for 2024. We tend to set huge, unrealistic goals that feel daunting to tackle at all. We go into January with a fear, a dread and inherently the belief that our goals are taking control of us and our lives. Social media tells us that we should immediately go out and run a 5k, absolutely not. Should we drastically switch up our diet and dread every meal? No way. We hope our Athletic Collection launch serves as a reminder that there is no better time to start on your fitness journey than today, and that by starting small, you are already doing the world of difference for your wellbeing.

Starting with small, positive changes to your day can have the biggest difference to your life. Whether it be going out for a twenty minute walk, taking the stairs rather than the lift or signing up to a gym, exercise in any form can do wonders for your mental health too.

A woman exercising in an outdoor gym  with a cable pull wearing blue active wear

Lanuuk Active Hoodie in Sage

Your comfort comes first

Always set goals that you are comfortable with first and foremost, this also goes for where you choose to exercise. If like us, you find regular gyms daunting there are a range of female only gyms, fitness classes and communities that have become more popular around the UK. For example:

Safari MMA, London

Unlike your conventional gym, Safari MMA offers a range of women only classes like boxing, Muay Thai, and Pilates which strengthen not only your physical stamina, but your mental fitness too.

StrongHer, London

A supportive, community atmosphere alongside your workout. Encourages many women from different backgrounds to join and specialises in strength, mobility and meditation exercises.

Sisterhood FC, London

A female-only football club in London is giving Muslim women a chance to shine on the sports field

Fit Camp Women, Manchester An inclusive gym with traditional studios and equipment as well as community and socially focused classes.

Sorella Strength, Glasgow

A gym based on sisterhood within strength training, taking weightlifting very seriously and creating a safe space for women to reach their full potential.

Ready to start small and start today? Browse our Athletic Collection to get kitted out in gear that you feel most comfortable in.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get started on your active journey, here are some essential products that we’re loving when working out.

1. Lanuuk Active Jacket in Black - A hooded zip-up athletic jacket in high-stretch brushed nylon. This jacket has a relaxed fit with toggles to adjust and cinch at the waist and a spacious hood with drawstrings to secure around the face. The thumbholes make it perfect for more active workouts and the hidden side pockets to keep your essentials

2. Lanuuk Turban in Dusk - Our slip on turbans are perfect for the gym as they are ultra lightweight and are made from breathable, dry-fit fabric.

3. On Cloud 5 trainers - There’s a reason these trainers have the word cloud in the name. They are so lightweight, you’ll barely know they’re there. High performance whilst looking chic too.

4. Lanuuk Active Light Tunic in Dusk - This is an ultra lightweight easy-to-wear, dry fit athletic tunic, which can be worn with just a sports bra underneath. It has a relaxed fit and side slits for ease of movement.

5. Stanley Quencher tumbler in Orchid - Reach your hydration goals with fewer refills. This tumbler keeps your water cold for up to 12 hours, or 2 days when iced!

6. Lanuuk Active Leggings in Black - These sculpting-fit high waist leggings are a wardrobe and activewear essential. Crafted from functional four-way stretch material that moves with you - so comfortable you won't want to take them off!

7. Sweaty Betty Icon Gym Bag - We love that this bag has so many uses and dedicated pockets for all of your essentials.

8. Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant - We highly recommend the switch to natural deodorant and are loving this one from Salt & Stone which offers 24h protection whilst moisturising and neutralising odour.

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