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Article: The benefits of swimming: beyond physical health

The benefits of swimming: beyond physical health

Swimming is more than just a tool for fitness goals, it can unlock wellness in your mind and strengthen your relationship with yourself.

A woman floating in the sea wearing Lanuuk Lula swimwear in Azure and a matching Azure swim turban.

Ever felt that feeling of having a great swim to clear your mind after a stressful week? Jumping into a swimming pool in the intense summer heat? Spending hours splashing around with your kids on vacation? There’s nothing quite like the joy of swimming. We should all be able to enjoy the benefits of swimming and have a range of swimwear options for when we want to take a dip. 

Lanuuk’s number one goal is to empower the modern woman with elegance, confidence and the freedom to move comfortably, whilst also staying protected in the sun. We are also passionate about encouraging women and young girls to participate in an active lifestyle and to live life to its fullest, ensuring that no one is held back by a lack of swimwear options.

It’s no surprise that swimming is great for your physical health, many experts confirm that it is one of the best full body workouts you can do. Swimming engages everything from your arms, legs and shoulders to your back, core and glutes, with just 20 minutes in the water burning more than 250 calories. 

Swimming is for everybody. Whether you prefer to swim a breaststroke or a butterfly, you can enjoy a full body workout that works for you. To top it off, your body works harder in water, so 30 minutes in the pool, lake, sea or wherever you take a plunge, is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land. 

The fitness benefits of swimming are hard to miss, but there’s also a world of extras that come with taking the plunge. With every swim, you are invited to experience a full body, mind and soul workout which will leave you feeling fitter, de-stressed and with a newfound sense of confidence in yourself.



Body to mind connection

Creating peace from the plunge

Mindfulness can be a hugely important and valuable asset to our lives, though we might not always get the opportunity for it. If you’re leading a busy, fast paced life and can’t find a way to slow down, a swim can offer you a chance to use your body to stimulate your mind to be still and focused on one goal. It allows you to stride through that water at your own pace and keep a conscious, present state of mind.

When in the pool, sea, lake, wherever you choose to swim, you are disconnected from the outside world for a portion of time and given the chance to empty your head and realign what matters to you in that moment. 

Experts have also spoken positively about the benefits of cold water swimming and how it can be useful for de-stressing. Submerging yourself in freezing water isn’t going to be for everyone. Swimming in safe lakes and ponds are naturally colder than pools, and wearing full coverage swimwear can get you used to those cold dips, whilst having a layer of warmth to ease you into it. 

 A woman kneeling in the waves of the sea wearing Lanuuk Diana Swimset in Twilight and the Swim Turban in Twilight.

Confidence isn’t one size fits all

Make swimming work for you

When doing any fitness activity, what you wear is important for self confidence and can have an effect on how productive the workout is. The number one rule - wear what you feel most comfortable in. Whether that’s a full coverage swimsuit, a one piece or a bikini, you are in charge of what you feel best swimming in. 

There is a universally recognised concept of swimwear; one-pieces, or two-piece bikinis. However, these forms of swimsuits do not cater to everyone. The concept of wearing very little at the beach or pool can also be daunting for many women, particularly those who are body conscious, and it is simply restrictive for those who dress modestly/cover up for cultural or religious reasons, medical reasons, and for those who are mindful of sun damage. The concept of modesty is subjective, and for each person, it can mean something different. 

There are luckily a huge range of swimsuits out there to suit every person, body type and style. At Lanuuk, we offer a wide range of swimwear from two piece bikinis and full coverage swimwear to swim headpieces, swim dresses and swim tights to help women find what they are most comfortable in. 


Ready to Dive In? 

Whatever your reason for getting into the water, just know that by doing it you’re getting a full mind and body workout, whilst building your confidence and becoming a better you.

So if you're ready to dive in to your first swimming lesson or pool day, but need some inspo for what to put in your pool bag, here are some products that we are loving:

 Cutout imagery on plain white background of various swimwear and accessories for swimming. A swim dress, swim turban, swim tights, goggles, sandals, beach towel, lip balm and a wet bag.

  1. Lanuuk Diana Swim Dress - Coral. The Diana is a best seller for a reason! Easy to wear and flattering on all body types, this rashguard swim dress has a unique ruched panel to skim across your bust and torso, giving you that added layer of confidence. Go for this fresh shade of Coral or explore the other colour ways here.
  2. Lanuuk Classic Swim Tights - Coral. Pair your Swim Dress with a pair of Swim Leggings for a full coverage look and full body UPF50+ sun protection. Your Diana Swim Dress easily attaches to the buttons on the tights to prevent the dress from lifting in the water. Our Swim Tights are buttery soft and lightweight and dry super quickly once out of the water. Explore all of our Classic Swim Tights in 7 colour ways and all of our Swim Bottoms here
  3. Lanuuk Self-tie Swim Turban - Shadow. If you're looking for hair coverage, our versatile self-tie turbans give you the option of tying your headpiece in a variety of ways. Made from breathable, dry-fit fabric, our headpieces are perfect for all of your activewear needs. If you want to keep your hair dry whilst swimming, be sure to wear a swimming cap underneath!
  4. After your swim, you're going to need a wet bag to keep all of your swimwear. A wet bag never looked so chic with this La Pochette Maxi Wet Bag in Cashmere Walnut. The separate back pocket ensures that your dry belongings, such as your phone, can be stored simultaneously without any risk of damage.
  5. These ultra lightweight waterproof Gizeh Essentials from Birkenstock are the perfect poolside and beach flip flop. Comfortable and versatile, they can be worn from the pool to dinner and everything in between. Trust us, your feet will thank you!
  6. If you're looking to swim regularly, you're going to want a durable and comfortable pair of goggles. These aesthetic goggles from Nabaiji are functional and stylish to perfectly complement your swim look.
  7. No time to wait for a towel to dry? Grab a quick dry towel from Dock & Bay in one of their beautifully bright designs made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 
  8. Whilst your Lanuuk Swimwear will protect your skin from the sun (that's right, no need to apply or reapply sunscreen), be sure to use effective sun protection on your exposed skin. We love this moisturising SPF50 lip balm from Hello Sunday with shea butter and hyaluronic acid to keep your lips protected & hydrated.

We're here to empower you to find confidence, comfort and elegance. If you’re ready to find your perfect swimsuit, visit our website to browse the collections and styles here.

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