Making Waves in Modest Swimwear

"Oppressive, restrictive, outdated – just some of the words heard used when the conversation revolves around full-coverage or modest swimwear. For many, the full-coverage swimwear defeats the purpose of going to the pool or the beach in the first place.

We are used to seeing one-piece bathing suits or bikinis – the more skin shown the better in such cases – but what happens when a woman isn’t too comfortable exposing her skin? Whether her choice is faith-based or simply a personal choice, should these women shy away from enjoying a relaxing swim?

When full-coverage swimwear first made a splash on the market, an outcry ensued touching on conversation points such as women’s liberty. In some countries, these garments were even banned.

Sadly, we have not moved past that and the stigma surrounding full-coverage swimwear remains a sensitive and controversial topic. Yet despite this, more modest fashion brands aren’t deterred and instead choosing to introduce more flamboyant, stylish, beautiful, full-coverage swimwear.

In this issue, we are privileged to be introducing you to several new collections and even newcomers in the modest fashion market. Brands (and women designers) who see past the stigma and the negative attention brought on full-coverage swimwear – and who instead aim to empower women to choose how they want to dress and feel confident in their own skin. Whether their choice to cover up stems from their religious beliefs or they simply prefer showing less skin, these brands are giving back the power of choice to these women."

Extract from Gaya Magazine's Summer 2019 issue. Click here to read full issue and find Lanuuk's feature on page 20-27.




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