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Article: Muslim Swimwear

Muslim Swimwear

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As a Woman, shopping for modest swimwear can be a challenge, particularly for Muslim women who are looking for clothing that aligns with their religious and cultural principles and ideals, whilst still remaining fashionable and investing in a high quality product that is sustainably made to last. Muslim swimwear, sometimes referred to as hijab swimwear or hijabi swimwear, needs to offer complete coverage including the arms, legs, and chest. The style should not accentuate the body but should fit well enough to be safe for swimming and water sports and allow for comfort and ease of movement in the water.

If you’re looking to get prepped for the warmer seasons ahead, you’ve come to the right place

At Lanuuk we offer designs which balance style and comfort and transcend generations and body types for the modern modest Muslimah. We want you to feel confident in your swimwear whilst also never having to make any compromises on your values or beliefs and also remaining stylish and comfortable. Our collections include The Sunset Collection, The Classic Collection, Swim Dresses & Sets, Swim Bottoms, Swim Headpieces and Bikinis

Our collections offer designs with differing levels of coverage to flatter different body types and allowing for differing preferences when it comes to coverage and modesty.

Lanuuk also offer a range of headpieces for different levels of hair coverage and hijab styles. If you prefer to wear a turban, our Classic Swim Turbans are perfect for you – just slip on and go. Our Self-tie Swim Turbans give you a bit more flexibility and creativity with the way that you tie your turban. Our Swim Scarves offer maximum head coverage and can be used to drape around the neck and chest. Lots of options for the modern modest hijabi.

With our modest swimwear you can benefit from:

Incredible comfort - Our modest swimwear is designed to provide more coverage whilst allowing you to move freely without having to worry about exposure. Our fabric features include two-way stretch for a perfect fit and provide ultimate muscle control and shape retention. Our fabrics are buttery soft and breathable so you don’t need to feel concerned about feeling stifled or weighed down wearing a fully covered swimsuit.

Improved confidence - For those who feel more confident and comfortable with more coverage, our modest swimwear can help boost self-esteem and allow for a more enjoyable experience when you’re in the water. Our styles are designed to flatter and skim the body in beautiful colours to complement all skin and body types.

Sun protection - Modest swimwear that fully covers the skin  provides full body protection from the sun which reduces the risk of sunburn and skin damage. Our Swimwear is rated UPF50+ which gives you the comfort knowing that you do not need to apply sunscreen on the areas of the skin that are covered by your Bathing Suit.

Not sure which size to select? Then see our handy guides which help you decide which size is best to buy. Our Fit and Modesty Guide gives a more detailed description of each style and how they are designed to fit. Our Size Chart also gives detailed sizing and measuring instructions to help you to select a size. If you’d like to stay in touch, don’t forget to find and follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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