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Article: Full Body Swimwear

Full Body Swimwear

How can you benefit from our full body swimwear?

Full coverage swimwear has been a growing trend in recent years, and for good reason too! From providing comfort and support to offering protection from the sun, there are so many benefits to wearing full coverage swimwear. But if you’re on the fence, here are a few points to consider:

Modest style

For those who prefer a more modest look, full coverage swimwear is an excellent choice. This style of swimwear is perfect for those who want to feel protected and comfortable while still looking beautiful due to its higher neckline and full coverage design.

Versatile wear

Full coverage swimwear can be worn for a variety of activities whether you’re a lover of swimming, water sports or simply being by the water. The lightweight, breathable and quick-drying material makes it perfect for a range of fitness, leisure or sporting activities.

Protection from the sun

The sun protection provided by full coverage swimwear is one of its main advantages. Swimwear with full coverage  protects more of the skin and acts as a shield from the sun's UV radiation. LANUUK Swimwear is rated UPF50+, which means that only 1/50th of the sun’s radiation can penetrate the fabric; that’s >98% blockage of the sun’s harmful rays. So you only have to worry about putting sunblock on your face, hands and feet and you can be confident that the rest of your body is protected!

Comfort and support like you’ve never known

Full body swimwear typically features a higher neckline and a more fitted design, which can help keep everything in place and prevent unwanted wardrobe malfunctions. LANUUK’s mid-waist Swim Bottoms hold in the tummy area and provide a unique mix of muscular compression and shape retention. Better yet, our full coverage swimwear is made from lightweight material with two-way stretch for a perfect fit, making it perfect for active activities such as surfing, swimming or playing in the water.

Boost your confidence

Above all else, wearing full coverage swimwear can help boost your confidence. The added coverage and support provided by this type of swimwear can make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin, which allows you to enjoy your time in the water. The luxury fit and feel give you that added layer of comfort without leaving you feeling conscious of your skin and body being too exposed.

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